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Manuel Colmenero
Music Producer and Sound Engineer

With over 25 years’ experience in the music industry, he co-founded and runs the Sonobox studio in Madrid.

He trained musically in the Ateneo of Modern Music in Madrid. He also graduated in Psychology. He has produced artists such as Vetusta Morla, Shinova, Nena Daconte, Eladio y los Seres Queridos, Dardem, The Wheel and the Hammond, Pablo Moreno and Jacob Mey, amongst many others.

As a sound engineer and mixer, he has worked for numerous artists of a wide range of genres, such as Enrique Morente, Camilo Sesto, David Bisbal, Victor Manuel, David Demaría, Bustamante, India Martínez, Pastora Soler, to name but a few.

In 2015, he was awarded the Prize of Independent Music for best production for the album “La Deriva” by Vetusta Morla.

It is also worth noting that some productions in which he has been involved have been multi-platinum, Gold discs, and have been nominated for Latin Grammys for sound engineering.

He combines his work as a producer in Sonobox with teaching, collaborating as a Mentor and Advisor in Melboss Music, as a tutor in the Paideia Foundation and as a teacher in the Escuela de Organizacion Industrial. He also collaborates as a teacher for the SAE Institute in Madrid and la Escuela Universitaria de Artes Tai.