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Sonobox came into being in 1995, at the hands of Manuel Colmenero and Javibu Carretero, and it was, at the time, one of the first studios in Madrid to be run and inspired by and for musicians and producers. It was born with the desire and philosophy of developing projects of a wide stylistic spectrum, as well as offering all the services inherent to the process of musical production. And always done with full implication, professionalism and excellence.

Stone by stone, project by project, after 25 years, and with multiple successes in the form of super sales and prizes which have endorsed their work, Sonobox has become a place of reference within the Music Industry.

In 2020 a new era begins, after the departure of Javier Carretero, who begins a new musical undertaking, with Manuel Colmenero now at the helm of the studio, respecting and expanding the original DNA of Sonobox.

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